Monday, December 6, 2010

Found a Great Article on Foster Kids and College

Someone tweeted this article today, and I am so glad they did. Many people may not understand the issues of foster kids trying to go on with adult life, and college is just one of the things that are particularly difficult for them. I will let the article speak for itself, as it is a very good and insightful look at the issue. If you're interested, you can find it here:

From Foster Care To College Life

I can certainly tell you from first hand experience that this article is spot-on when it comes to many of the challenges these kids face. My foster son still lives here at home, and he's 21 now and in his third year of college. Without the support system he has with us, I do not see how he could have made it so far. I wish I could take in more kids like him (someday I plan to do just that), but I have to be realistic about my own limited resources, being a single mom. I do hope that talking about my experiences with young people I've known, if not raised, will help shed light on their issues for people out there who don't know or understand what they face.

Thanks to all who take an interest in these great young people!

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