Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Some Random Stuff That's Going On

Just a few notes of some things that are going on in my world...

My daughter was in a car accident recently and her car was totaled. The guy who hit her at 55 mph on the freeway and spun her car completely around to facing the opposite direction in traffic was driving with no insurance and a suspended license. Fortunately she carries good insurance coverage herself, so everything will be taken care of. You can't see it in this photo, but the car was smashed in the front as well as the rear. She was very lucky, though, and was not seriously injured.

This situation has left our household short one car (it'll be replaced, but hasn't been quite yet) when we were already short a car, so managing everyone's transportation has been a challenge.

On a separate note, it turns out I have severe arthritis in my lower spine and the degeneration has reached the point where a couple of nerves are being pinched. Not good. My right foot goes numb much of the time, and my left leg goes numb much more frequently. In addition, the pain in my right hip area is terrible. Pain meds upset my stomach, so I often get to choose between leg/back pain and vomiting. Most days I can't walk lately, and on ALL days I cannot put on my own socks and shoes. Fun times!

Because of these things that are happening, I may not be able to pull off my "Black Friday" project as planned, but I should still be able to do the Christmas stockings (theoretically, things should settle down by then). In any case, I'm not giving up just yet. I'll just see how things go within the next few days before I make any decisions.

On a lighter note, we have two cats that are mother and daughter, and the daughter is now about eight months old and close to the size of her mom. We've all been endlessly entertained by their antics lately. The two of them look very similar and are absurdly inseparable. They roll all over the house together in a constant blur of black and white fur, and you never see one without the other. Such a hoot!

Let's see... What else? Hmmm...

One of my now-grown strays, Jonah (who just turned 21) had previously been attending college but experienced some setbacks that forced him to drop out for a while. Naturally I was concerned that, as often happens, taking some time off from school would turn into a permanent situation and he'd never finish. However, Jonah seems to have really put effort into pulling a lot of things together, as well as paying off some past-due tuition he owed, and he's now ready to return to ASU for the spring semester! Yay! :)

Here's Jonah on Halloween with his girlfriend, Victoria:

Well, I know there must be other stuff going on, but I can't think of anything else terribly important at the moment. This will do for now. I promised myself I was going to blog more often, so I feel like I kept that promise today. :)

Until later, everyone have a great day!

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