Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Just a Quickie - Another Update On Jeff

I just have time for a short little post, but I wanted to give everyone a quick update on Jeff and tell you all how wonderfully he is healing from his burn accident. He was trying to give me a silly look in this photo, but just look at that handsome face! No scarring at all!

It truly is amazing. If you'd seen his face in person (the photos I posted of him in the Burn Center never really did quite depict how bad it was) you wouldn't believe your eyes right now.

Also, last week Jeff was actually able to go to summer camp! We really didn't think that was going to happen for him, but he was healing so well that we just bought him some "under-armor" to protect his arm and lots of sunscreen for the new skin on his face - and off he went. While he was there, he even pulled a 6' 1" teenager out of the Colorado River rapids (the kid had fallen out while white-water rafting) and carried a girl with a broken ankle down from the top of a building, then called paramedics! Two months ago I wouldn't have imagined any of this possible so soon. What a kid!

He is still not fully healed (that will be about another 10 months) and he is being treated for a pretty severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, but he's in great hands with his doctors and his progress is astounding.

Unfortunately I didn't get a very good picture of his arm and hand, so I will take some more and post those later. But for now... Just look at that face! :)

I want to offer my deepest thanks to those who have supported Jeff with cards and gifts, and also helped with his care financially. You all have been a miracle. If you would like to help with his continued care, please click here. Do not feel obligated or pressured AT ALL! Thanks, everyone!

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