Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Bit About My Booth - Rummage Rampage - And Why It's So Awesome :)

In my (admittedly limited) experience in the world of online selling, I have observed that there are sellers who have a blog and there are bloggers who also happen to sell things. I don't consider myself someone who falls into either of these categories. Rather, I am a mom - and I consider that my primary job - who happens to have a blog and also happens to sell stuff. I've noticed, though, that beyond having a link up in the corner of my blog here, I don't really blog much (or at all?) about my online booth. I'd like to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a moment here and tell you a little bit about it.

First of all, I would be remiss if I didn't "introduce" my booth right up front here and tell you that it's called "Rummage Rampage" (catchy - don't ya think?) and it makes its home at a wonderful little spot on the web - Bonanza.com. I chose the name "Rummage Rampage" because that is exactly what I strive for it to be - an online rummage sale of sorts. It's meant to suit all of those who normally love to go to "real" rummage sales: those looking for a bargain on everyday items, those who love to hunt for unusual and hard-to-find treasures, the collectors who know exactly what they want, and even those who buy to re-sell. I do my best to provide a wide variety of items and also keep my prices within the range of what you'd expect to pay at any local rummage sale you attended live and in person. Basically, being a big fan of tag sales and yard sales and flea markets and (of course) rummage sales, I try to pass along what I love!

You really, truly never know what you will find in my booth. My items come from a wide range of sources, from my own hunting to donated items from many people who support what I do as a "freelance mom". The result is a true hodgepodge of stuff - you may find anything from clothing and books to vintage collectibles and even tools or old radio parts. Need a roll of plastic tubing? I've got that. Or how about a box of vintage Christmas ornaments or a cute coffee mug? I've got those, too!

For the record, I think I should point out here, all donated items are sorted to see if they are needed by the youth at Tumbleweed Center For Youth Development before anything is placed in my booth for sale. In other words, Tumbleweed (an organization that helps homeless and disadvantaged youth) gets first pick.

I also try to have a little fun with my booth, give it some personality. Ya know? That makes it fun for you to visit and fun for me to operate. In my booth you will find a "Joke Of The day" (recently the title was changed to "Joke of the day (or week or month, depending...) due to all the recent crises with which I've been trying to keep up), so you can join me for a laugh. We all need to keep our sense of humor, come what may! I also do occasional giveaways and games with prizes - none of which ever require a purchase in order to win, by the way. You can keep up with the latest shenanigans I've got going on there by "liking" me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/rummagerapage.

I focus primarily on local pick-up of items - I feel I should mention that since it's stated in all of my booth items. However, as the years have gone by I've had more and more requests to ship things, so about a year ago I started including shipping on almost all my item listings (except the occasional very heavy or bulky item). So, wherever you may be, if you find a great treasure in my booth that you just have to have (which you will, if you check in frequently enough), I will be happy to get it to you.

Oh! And one more thing... All of my items are marked "obo" or "Or Best Offer", so no price is set in stone. Don't ever hesitate to make me an offer!

So, have I about covered everything? Probably not, but that's okay. Come on by Rummage Rampage for a visit, and come back every now and then. You're bound to catch on and see how much fun it is. Speaks for itself! :)

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