Friday, October 1, 2010

Discovering And Loving Twitter - Finding Great People Already!

So, I finally got with the times and set myself up on Twitter (See that nifty link up in the corner of this page? Follow me!), but I am still learning how to use it. Please be patient with me! Anyway, pretty much immediately upon opening my account and browsing around for people with similar interests, I happened upon the neatest group of ladies here in Phoenix! They are the local “Meet Me Halfway Street Team” for

I had never heard of before, even though I feel like I should have. How did I miss this? As recently as a month ago, country singer Jimmy Wayne had finished his “Meet Me Halfway Walk” – where he’d walked halfway across the country to bring awareness to the plight of homeless youth and those aging out of foster care – and the grand finale was right here in Phoenix. Yet somehow I missed this news. Ah, well, I can’t keep up with everything. I am just glad to have finally discovered this organization!

This Saturday I will be meeting with these new Twitter friends I have made, the ladies who run the local street team for MMH. They have offered to talk with me about helping with my Christmas project for this year. I am so excited, both to possibly have some help with this year’s project and also to meet people who share my passion for youth in need.

I will keep posting updates about Christmas (and the shoe drive – I’m still working out some details on that). As I’ve said before, if you’re interested in helping this year, please get in touch with me. And please check out – I’ve added them to my “favorite links” over on the right-hand side of this page. If you have a heart for youth and the particular struggles of those in foster care or without homes and families, you will want to throw your support behind this cause!

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